Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some sketches for a new project

There are  humans that have become animals.Generally we cannot see them, they like to live their lives in their own world. 
When people find them and take them  back to the civilized world, they are taught to be like humans should behave. As a martyrdom: how to walk properly, how to dress, how to eat, how to love. They can die of sadness, humananimals know that.

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  1. An entrainment. A sorrow. The process of memory mimicked by the body: so much sensation in one part, the thumbs, perhaps, or the front part of the chest, the scalp, but not in other parts: the legs, the arms, the face, the stomach, the chest below a line, the eyes, the forehead, the skin itself. But when the two girls touch, perhaps they recombine. Perhaps they form a capacity for touch, for what touch brings -- knowledge, life, movement -- when they: touch. I don't know. "How to eat, how to love." In an unfamiliar world. Look, it's snowing. Look, the flowers are opening and closing like valves, at twilight, in the country beyond the town.