Thursday, June 10, 2010

A tiny invisible library

The Library of the Loba is a tiny invisible library created by Teresa Gomez-Martorell. Even though she works mainly in printmaking, artist's books allows her to put together words, image and storytelling. The Library is a way to preserve and show such intimate objects that can be read in the privacy or in good company.

Things have their own life (las cosas tienen vida propia), said the gipsy Melquiades in one of her favorite books One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien AƱos de Soledad), from Gabriel GArcia Marquez. Storytelling is a way to give extraordinary meanings to ordinary facts of life. At last, there is no dullness in the every day life if we are capable to see how special and unique things are. It depends how we look our surroundings. Artist's books and visual poetry allows to work with those humble elements and give them a new dignity. Stories are an open field where the viewer may particpate and create their own story.

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